January 8, 2019

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     Nevertheless, it is difficult to say if a crop circle is genuine.

Scientists analyzing crop circles
(Pronunciation: SÁI-en-tists a-na-LÁI-zin CRÓP SÃR-côus)

      Irregular borders suggest human intervention. But some formations are so precise, large and complex that it  seems impossible for anyone to do them in one night.

95% of crop circles are man-made
(Pronunciation: NÁIN-ti FÁIV per-CÊNT ov CRÓP SÃR-côus ar MANMÊID)

      Reg Presley, a Crop Cricle Researcher, says 95% of crop circles are man-made – but some are not.

The Milk Hill Crop Circle is enormous
(Pronunciation: The MÍLK HIL CRÓP SÃR-côu iz i-NÓR-mãz )

      The circle on Milk Hill, for example, is so enormous that you can’t even see the other side. Presley believes it wasn’t made by humans.


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Wanna know more?  Access the original https://www.livescience.com/26540-crop-circles.html to expand your scientific culture.                                 



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