January 3, 2019

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     Matthew is a young English man. In the area near his home, many crop circles recently appeared.

A crop circle
(Pronunciation: a CRÓP SÃR-côu)

      But… Who made  them?


Aliens making crop circles
(Pronunciation: Êi-li-ênz MÊI-kin CRÓP SÃR-côus)

      Many people say crop circles are made by aliens. But Matthew says they are undoubtedly made by humans

A ‘crop circle‘ on the beach
(Pronunciation: a CRÓP SÃR-côu on the BÍÍÍ-tch )

      Matthew affirms crop circles are a creative art. He says small groups of ‘crazy’ people compete to do the best design.


How to make crop circles using stomper boards
(Pronunciation:  háu to mêik  CRÓP SÃR-côus YOU-zin s-TOM-pãr BÓRDS)

      These groups use stomper boards to design crop circles during the evening, in silence. When ‘normal’ people wake up, they get surprised and think the circles were made by… Aliens!

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Read the post and WATCH THE VIDEO to answer the questions:


Wanna know more?  Access the original https://www.livescience.com/26540-crop-circles.html      to expand your scientific culture.


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