September 16, 2016

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Learning another language can be easier than you think, but it takes focus and determination. This is the third of four posts about intelligence and learning, and it teaches us some important study skills for language learners:

1) Be positive: think in English

When we speak English, we sometimes feel insecure and think in Portuguese first. It’s way more efficient to keep a positive mindset and think directly in English;

2) Listen

Listening is more important than grammar, because it teaches the correct pronunciation and how to answer fast. Movies and short videos are a good option;

3) Focus on the context

Trying to understand all words when you are listening to something is not the best strategy – understanding the key words is better;

4) Day by day

Reading blogs and posts about subjects you like and writing the main ideas and new words is good, too. Try to make sentences with the new words you learned;

5) Practice is the secret

Practice every day – 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough – and change the language of your phone to English.

Remember to Enjoy your studies! Pleasure helps you learn faster.


This post was kindly written by our Enjoy Student Eloisa Helena Capraro. Watch the videos and learn more about how to learn a language: and               




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