April 14, 2017

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      Next Sunday is Easter, the day of Jesus resurrection. But… Why do we eat chocolate eggs on this day?
      Eggs represent life. But during Lent, the period before Easter during which Christians don’t eat animal products, people couldn’t eat eggs. So they boiled the eggs and decorated them so that they could eat them later.

      Germany and France were the first to produce chocolate eggs. But in 1875, John Cadbury made his first Easter Egg with dark chocolate and less fat. He filled it with sugar almonds.

      Cadbury’s eggs were richly decorated but not really tasty. In 1905, however, the company launched the Milk Chocolate and made this sweet a favorite.


Quer conhecer as origins de Good Friday day? Access https://mobyduck.com.br/good-friday/ . To expand your Easter culture, access https://www.cadbury.com.au/about-chocolate/the-story-of-easter-and-easter-eggs.aspx .




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