June 15, 2016

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Quem nunca esteve in Chile nem imagine um country tão peculiar. Chile is long (2,700 miles, ou seja, 4,300 kilometers) and por isso tem todos os tipos de climate dentro de seu territory. No North fica o desert mais dry do planet, Atacama; o middle é warm and sunny, e o South é cold, snowy e tem até glaciers!

In Chile há many active volcanos. Cerro Azul, Cerro Hudson, and Villarrica são three dos mais watched and active volcanoes.

Os wines produced in Chile are very good: today este country é o fourth maior exporter de wine in the world, vindo logo behind Spain, Italy and France.

This  baseou-se nos articles published at our book World English Intro Unit 2 Lesson D, https://www.quasarex.com/blog/top-10-things-you-didnt-know-about-chile-facts-about-chile, http://studyabroad.bridge.edu/blog/five-unique-things-you-will-only-find-in-chile/ and http://italianwinecentral.com/top-ten-wine-exporting-countries/. Read os originals e expand your international culture.


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