October 12, 2015

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Children’s day is celebrated all around the world. But the dates – and the activities  feitas pelas children – are different de country para country. Você sabe when children’s day is celebrated in Germany? Sabe what activities as children fazem in Poland? Read the article e conheça as differences entre o Children’s Day de cada country:


In Germany, children’s day is called “Kindertag”. Até 1950, this date era celebrated on September 20.  Com a acensão da German Democratic Republic in 1950, a maior part da population passou a celebrate Children’s Day on the first day of June.
On “Kindertag”, children receive ‘congratulations’ and little presents from their parents. Elas fazem small trips and special activities at school


In Bangladesh, até o year 2000, Children’s Day era celebrated on March 20. Porém, a partir do year 2000, o government mudou a date para November 20 em respeito ao day estabelecido pela UNICEF. In Bangladesh, o objetivo do Children’s Day é alertar the community sobre the importance dos direitos das Children. Para promover the Children’s rights e chamar a attention das people, there are many competitions and fashion shows all around Bangladesh


In Poland, children’s day is called  “Dzien Dziecka”. It’s celebrated on the first day of June desde 1952, ano em que o country começou a celebrate this day.
“Dzien Dziecka” is not a holiday but, como the day coincide com o início do summer e com o final do school year, children don’t have  to study. They go to school to see friends and play. There are special activities in parks and community centers, too

Quer saber como o Children’s Day is celebrated em countries como Canada and India? Access www.kidsgen.com/events/childrens_day/childrens_day_around_the_world.htm 
and read the article





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