October 2, 2015

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Do you think children can help the society? Is it fair to assign important tasks to children? In Iceland, children  changed the reality by ‘working’ on a very important issue: saving puffins

Puffins (or pufflings) are an important source of food for people who live in Iceland, so many people hunt the birds to eat them. Also, puffin’s down (the soft feathers on their belly) are exported. They are very expensive. That’s why, in the early 1900s, pufflings were nearly made extinct due to hunting

When the government prohibited killing pufflings, the number of birds went up a bit. But this was not enough: only after children started saving the birds this animal was totally safe from extinction. Children, with the help of their parents, find lost pufflings that fly to town. They rescue the birds and take them back to the beach

Nowadays these birds can be hunted, but children’s efforts to rescue lost birds help ‘balance’ the number of pufflings. People in Iceland finally understand they have to be careful with the birds – and children can help them like nobody else!

World English Intro Unit 2 has a video showing children in Iceland rescuing lost pufflings. Watch it and expand your culture

rubber-duck Of course children can work – they can save ducks, too! Quack



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