June 3, 2016

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Some days ago Enjoy posted about false friends and mentioned the word ‘Boss’. Many Enjoy Students asked us the difference, so now we post about it:

BOSS – Person in charge of making important decisions (…) on behalf of a work force or a group of individuals, for their eventual benefit. A boss (…) gets work done from his/her employees (…), being labeled as a ‘boss’ by their peers or subordinates.

CHIEF – The highest ranking official or the primary person among a group of individuals. The patriarchs of a tribe or a leader of a civilization are often termed as the chiefs (…). In a corporate setting, a chief (…) is the person who holds the highest authority available, for making decisions which affect the working of the entire corporate house (…).



Language of originThe Dutch word ‘baas’, meaning ‘the master’In old French it means ‘leader’
Time of origin 17th century13th century
Title/labelBoss is any person who’s  in charge of a group of employeesChief is a person considered to be the most important in an organization
Overall authorityA boss may or may not have the overall authority over an organization.A chief means a person who has the full authority over an organization.
Related designationsIn charge, supervisor, controller, etc.Chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, etc.



This post is a bricolage of the texts published at  http://www.differencebetween.info/difference-between-boss-and-chief , http://www.thefreedictionary.com/chief  and http://www.thefreedictionary.com/boss. Read the originals and learn more about Boss and Chief.


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