November 3, 2017

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      Do you like Arabian food? Kibbeh, sfiha, tabouleh, hummus… Well, here’s why I love it.

Arabian food

      When my grandfather was 5 years old he lost his mother. His godparents were Syrian-Lebanese and adopted him.  

      So my grandfather grew up in a Syrian-Lebanese family eating Arabian food.

Syrian-Lebanese family

      As an adult, my grandfather learned how to cook Arabian food. He became very good at it. That’s why I grew up eating Arabian food.

      My favorite dishes are stuffed grape leaf rolls and stuffed bell peppers.

Stuffed grape leaf rolls

Stuffed bell peppers

      I love them because they remind me of my childhood.


This post was kindly written by Enjoy Student Karyn. Thank you Karyn for sharing your personal history with us!

Visit to learn more about the Arabian influence in Brazilian cuisine.


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