November 13, 2015

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If you have seen that pink-colored salt at the supermarket and asked yourself what’s so special about it, here is some information that you will be happy to know:

* HISTORY – The pink salt comes directly from the Himalayan Mountains. About 250 million years ago, volcano lava covered crystalized sea salt beds in the cold mountains of Himalaya. Over the lava, a thick layer of ice was formed as the years went by. So the salt beds were very well preserved, and the modern pollution couldn’t reach them. It is hand-mined, that is, carefully extracted by hand

* ENERGY – Our body has 84 minerals and elements, and the Himalayan Salt contains all of them. Calcium, potassium and magnesium are some of these elements. The structure of Himalayan Salt minerals is colloidal – this makes them very easy for our body to absorb them. Some people believe this salt stores vibrational energy due to this colloidal shape

* BENEFITS – Himalayan Salt is pure and contains no artificial chemicals. It benefits lungs and the respiratory system. It helps cells reach a stable pH balance, reduces the signs of aging and increases hydration. It also improves vascular health and blood circulation while strengthening bones and detoxifying our body from heavy metals

Now that you know more about this salt you may decide to try it and benefit from your choice

Enjoy believes that information is one of the keys to a better life. Learn more  about salt and choose the best for your health

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