May 25, 2016

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Last week contamos sobre a origin dos names de Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now vamos saber de onde vêm os names dos other days of the week:


Monday  – Para os ancient Greek it’s the day of the goddess Hemera Selenes. It’s represented pela Moon, planet que rege as crops.

Tuesday  – É o day regido por Ares, the God of war de acordo com a Greek e a Roman culture. É represented pelo planet Mars.

Wednesday  – Day do planet Mercury, que represents Hermes (in the Greek culture) and Woden (in the Anglo-Saxon culture). To the Roman culture, Mercury is the God of commerce, travelers and science.

Thursday  – Regido pelo planet Jupiter, represented por Thor, God da thunder na Norse mythology. In the Greek mythology, his name is Zeus, the God of heavens.


This post baseou-se no link and . Access the originals and saiba mais about the names of the days of the week.



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