January 1, 2016

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Canine Instructors have a cool job. They teach dogs to be a Detector dog and to help Security Officers.

A dog can learn to be a Detector dog. At the National Training Center in the USA, they learn to sit, lie down and to identify fruit and beef jerky.

Detector Dogs need a good food drive: they need to control their appetite because they can’t eat at work. They can’t walk ahead  the Instructor. And they can’t be noisy: silence and respect are very important.

Beagles are very good at this job. They are obedient. They are great partners.

But if the dog has difficulties to learn, the Instructors find a home to adopt the dog. These dogs are lucky, too!

1) Watch the video.

2) Answer the questions to learn more about Canine partners.
(The answers are at the end of this post):

1. What are some activities Detector dogs have to ‘Learn’?
a) Detector dogs have to learn to dance and eat good food.
b) Detector dogs have to learn to work at home. They have to learn to travel in airplanes, too.
c) Detector dogs have to learn to be obedient. They have to learn to sit, to lie down and to control their appetite, because they cant eat at work!

2. What is the synonym of ‘Noisy’ ?
a) Producing a lot of sound.
b) Producing a log of money.
c) Producing a lot of fruit.

3. Give examples of good ‘Partners’:
a) Dogs and Tortoise / Sit and Lie down / Airport and Airplane.
b) Dogs and Cats / Milk and Mango / Water and Oil.
c) Tico and Teco / Batman and Robin / Xitãozinho and Xororó.



ANSWERS:   1:  c)    2:  a)    3:  c)


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